Court grants an interim injunction restraining the Government of Uganda from collect excise duty from British American Tobacco (U) LTD

East African Court of Justice Arusha, 25th January 2018: The First Instance Division granted an interim injunction to the British American Tobacco (BAT) (U) LTD, restraining and prohibiting the Government of Uganda and the Uganda Revenue Authority from collect excise duty due to discriminatory rates, pending hearing and determination of the Reference.

The Court in its ruling further stated that, it appreciates that the grant of an interim injunction in this case would inhibit the URA’s right to collect the additional duties billed to the Applicant, however, that the right must be weighed against the injustice of leaving the Applicant company to bear the brunt of a possibly misconstrued law that could indict it to the payment of exorbitant funds in excise duty pending the determination of the case.

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