Employment & Labour Law

The firm has since establishment maintained a strong employment and labour law practice. We have handled staff restructuring exercises of a large magnitude to ensure legal compliance by our clients and to manage the regulatory environment surrounding these exercises. Some of the significant restructuring exercises that we have handled are in the telecom sector where we were instructed at different times to advise on staff restructuring by three of the biggest telecom companies in Uganda.

We have also reviewed and advised on the human resource policies and manuals to ensure compliance with labour laws by some of the largest employers in Uganda including the biggest media company in Uganda. In the Oil and Gas sector, we have provided legal services to resolve unique issues arising in the industry like social security payment obligations on expatriate pay; exemption from minimum work hours from Ministry of Labour; labour dispute resolution mechanisms; guidance on the labour law and regulatory regime; EHS procedures; Occupational injury and death; Registration of foreign doctors and clinics. We have also provided legal solutions for work permit challenges arising from the 28 day rotation schedule for contractors with high worker turnover like drilling services.

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