Marion. K Mwesigwa


Marion is the Human Resource & Administration Manager at K&K Advocates.

She has over ten years’ combined experience in public Administration and Human Resource Management.

Marion overseas and manages all the operational management of activities related to the performance of staff in the firm. As a strategic administrator, Marion’s roles involve planning, developing, and coordinating innovative human resource programs that advance the business goals and objectives of the firm.

Marion is a people person who provides and assists the firm expertise in training and development of employees in the different fields, employee wellness, and/or affirmative action; counsels and advises management and employees, initiates and responds to inquiries, provides information about and interprets various Firm policies and procedures, investigates employee issues/concerns.

Marion’s experience as an administrator with enthusiastic organizational skills has over the years perfected her skills in document organization and archiving, something that she is passionate about.

Outside her work, Marion enjoys worship music, interior design, hosting parties, decorating and working out.